Olivia Sadeler
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Olivia Sadeler, Doctor of Physical Therapy, is a fully certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor, Instructor Trainer, and Rehab expert. Olivia specializes in sports physical therapy, Yoga, and Pilates for rehabilitation.

Her experiences in Hawaii, California, Toronto, and New York City have enabled her to study with many of the top professionals in her field. Olivia recently published an article in Advance Physical Therapy Magazine, and has presented live on the channel 11 PIX morning news, in NYC.

Olivia is committed to helping each client at Kailua Pilates & Wellness Center achieve optimal function and performance through an interactive approach. She not only explains what she is doing but how and why it works. Using her expertise in anatomy of movement and knowledge of dysfunction, she is able to effectively evaluate and treat parts of the body as one integrated whole. 

At Kailua Pilates & Wellness Center, Olivia utilizes principles of pilates, yoga, gait analysis, muscle/functional testing and recruitment patterns in addition to manual therapy to create an ease of movement that will allow you to return to sports, work, or even daily life.

She loves what she does, as this is evident in her work.

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